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Another Question From Our Loans Link - How do Pawn Shop Loans Work in Orlando?

We get this question all the time, and even being in business over 7 years now it amazes me that even some of my closest friends do not know how a pawn shop loan works. Today we had Damon message us through our Contact Form and his question was simple "How do Pawn Loans Work? I Need to borrow $150 to pay a bill!"

Here is how pawn shop loans work: Just bring in something to our location worth $100-$150 or whatever amount you need. We give you the cash and hold your item. If you want it back you have to pay us what we gave you for it +10% interest. You can pay the interest for as long as you want and we will hold the item. Once you have the full amount we give you your item back. If you don’t want the item back or do not pay the interest for 90 days we take it from the back and put it for sale on our floor. I hope this helps.