Published: Aug 11 Posted Under: pawn shop news, Orlando Pawn Shop

Phoenix pawn shop owner reunites country music legend with vintage guitar

 A country music legend has his prized possession back thanks to the kindness of a Valley pawn shop owner.

Singer-songwriter Bill Anderson had a vintage Billy Grammar guitar when he broke into the music business more than 50 years ago.

Anderson had no idea where the guitar was until he recently heard from Mike Grauer, the owner of Bell Road Pawn Shop in Phoenix.

A customer had pawned the guitar in April, and Grauer had a hunch in belonged to the country music icon.

"My dream was to be a country music historian when I was younger," Grauer said. "I know a lot about the history of country music."


Grauer looked inside the guitar and saw the name Bill Anderson.

The pawn shop owner reached out to the Nashville icon and soon learned that the vintage guitar belonged to Anderson.

"I sort of forgot about it. I really did," said Anderson.

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