How Do We Determine Value?

We base our loan values on our current retail values. For general merchandise, we factor in current new retail value, condition of merchandise, and demand for the item in the used market. For jewelry, we evaluate its condition; for example, is it re-sellable or broken? In addition, we use current gold spot price, based on the karat of the gold you bring in. Lastly, we assign a value to your diamonds and/or precious stones to come up with a maximum loan value to help you.

What Can I Bring Into Pawn?

We loan on a wide variety of merchandise including gold jewelry, electronics, tablets, laptops, iPod’s, iPhones, gaming systems, musical items, tools, coins and silver. Not sure if we will take your item? Just give us a call we will gladly answer your questions, or get an Online Appraisal from the comfort of your own home!

What Happens if I Can’t Pay Back a Loan?

If you can’t afford to pay back the loan in 30 days or the grace period, you can always come in and make an extension on the loan. We also offer the option to make a payment for 10% which will give you 15 more days you can extend you loan as many times as you need until you can afford to take out you loan. If you can’t afford to pick up your loan, you can also choose to surrender your merchandise to us without affecting your credit.

How Does a Pawn/Purchase Work?

Pawns/Purchases are a quick and easy way to get money without any credit checks. You bring in a piece of merchandise and we loan you money on it. All you need is your ID. We offer a 30 day loan, plus an automatic give you a 30 day grace period. At any time during this period you can pay back the loan by paying us the principle plus the interest amount. If still working on your finances you can pay us the 10% interest. This will give you another 15 days and you can repeat this for as long as you need to.

I was inquiring about a loan. I do have a macbook pro as collateral if need be but I would temporarily need the cash today for a bill and then would have the money returned within the next two weeks. Please contact me back regarding this at your earli

Yes. Just bring in your macbook to your closest Orlando Pawn Shop Godfather Pawn location. We will give you cash on the spot. You will be charged 10% loan on it. When you come back in two weeks and pick it up. All you do is pay the amount you borrowed for the macbook and the additional 10% interest rate. You take your macbook pro back. If you want to continue the loan all you need to do is keep paying the interest on it. We will never sell your macbook pro to anyone unless you do not make any payment on for a while.

Do You Carry Stolen Watches?

. We can’t take anything in that is reported stolen. We also do finger prints and get Copy of ID from each person. So, if it was taken in by accident at our pawn shop. The police will be notified they come and get your watch. I lose the money I paid for it, and a warrant is out for the person who pawned it.


How Does A Pawn Loan Work?

You bring in anything of value. We give you cash appraisal for the item. We hold this item for you in the back of our shop. You can come pick up the item within 15 days by only paying us back the money we lent you + 10%. So, if we gave you $100, you would pay us $110 and you have your item back. If you do not have the money within 15 days - all you have to do is pay us 10% for us to keep the loan going. You bring in $10 and we extend your loan another 15 days. As long as you pay the interest you will never lose your item.