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Orlando Pawn Shop Blog - Godfather Pawn

 If you find yourself find yourself in the Sunshine State in need of cash, don’t let it get you down. There are a lot of pawn shops in the Orlando Florida area and you can create a side income by selling things you do not need or want to a local Orlando pawn broker. Here’s how it works, pawn shops make money by offering to advance you cash on an object that you place in pawn or they buy an item from you outright.


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Pawn or Sell it? Pawn Stars in Orlando!

Pawn Stars is the highest rated Cable Show on Television for the History Channel. They have a cult following and people love to see the deals and stuff that comes into a pawn shop. The famous quote by Rick Harrison is "So what do you want to do with it, pawn or sell?" Most every time you hear Sell it, and they negotiate it a deal. However, PAWN business is all about you bringing your stuff of value to us and we give you cash, and you pick it up at a later day and pay small interest. We offer 10% interest loans. Therefore, do not get scammed by Amscot and heavy interest that drains you.