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Need Holiday Cash? Godfather Pawn the Top Pawn Shop Orlando has 10 Percent Loans!

Are you worried about the Holidays coming up? Looking for some extra Holiday Cash? Stop by Orlando Pawn Shop - Godfather Pawn 2 locations. Bring in anything worth value, and we will give you cash for it or a loan to get you through the Holidays. You can then pick it up when you get your tax refund in January! Jewelry, Electronics, Tools anything of value we are happy to take a look at and loan you cash to help you through the Holidays. Do not get beat up with Pay Day Loans and Rip-Off places like Amscot.

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Black Friday Everyday at Godfather Pawn - Orlando Pawn Shop

What is the big deal with Black Friday deals? Have you visited one the two Orlando Pawn Shops by Godfather Pawn? They have Black Friday deals all day everyday. If you are looking for some extra cash for Black Friday - Stop by Godfather Pawn for 10% Loans to get you through the holidays. We can also buy anything you have of value. You can use our Online Appraisal or bring it into our store. We are open on Black Friday, so if you want to avoid the lines and rush come by and check out our inventory of Electronics, Jewelry, and much more!

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The Cash America Rip Off - 25 Percent Interest Rate on Pawn!

A lot of people do not understand what Pawn is and how it works. The pawn shop business booms because pawn shop brokers and owner give you cash loans for your valuables. It is a quick and easy way to get cash without a credit check and hassle of a bank. Cash America is one of the biggest Pawn Chains in the United States. They usually charge a whopping 25% for your pawn goods. $100 loan costing you that much is ridiculous. Orlando Pawn Shop Godfather Pawn offers you 10% Pawn Loans for bi-weekly interest.