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Orlando Pawn Shop - Godfather Pawn has all your Christmas Pawn Shop Needs in Orlando

Christmas is only 15 days away! Do you need a loan to purchase some new things for your loved ones? We have 10% Pawn Loans! Just bring in your stuff worth value and get cash on the spot, and pick up later with paying as little as 10% on the cash borrowed. Need Christmas presents? Godfather Pawn has 2 locations in Orlando and an extensive inventory on Jewelry, Electronics, Tools, and Much More! Looking to just sell your old stuff? Bring it into one of our locations or use our online appraisal form on Godfather Pawn wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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While there haven't been any big bombshells hitting the Internet about how Rick, Corey, Chumlee, and the rest of the Pawn Stars gang are actually just a troupe of trained cockroaches in lifelike human suits, there's ample evidence of fakery for anyone who's looking. A blog post from 2011 reveals one episode's scam, in which a "customer" named Rod brings in an expensive 1960 Les Paul guitar, while an expert is called in to help appraise it. As the blogger discovered, both the customer and the expert actually worked together at a nearby guitar store in Las Vegas.