Published: Jul 03 Posted Under: pawn diamond ring, rings orlando, orlando rings for sale

Can I get a loan on my diamond ring? Yes You can Pawn It - Here is the process!

We recently had a question about getting a loan on a diamond ring - our response was - If you can bring it into one of our locations found at we can give you a professional appraisal and cash on the spot. We hold the ring and charge 10% interest. Once you have the money you borrowed again come back and pick up the ring. You can just make the interest payment each month to keep the ring in pawn with us. If you stop making payments on the ring interest for more than 60 days we keep the ring and sell it on our floor. We also have a online appraisal form you can use on our website, but it is tough to give proper appraisals using the online form for jewelry. We need to look at it closely for the clarity and stuff.