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Godfather Pawn - Orlando Pawn Shop Offering 10 Percent Loans

Godfather Pawn - Orlando Pawn Shop Offering 10 Percent Loans
Godfather Pawn offers 10% pawn loans in Orlando, Florida.

What is a pawn loan?

A pawn loan is something that is loaned on the stuff you bring. For example, you have some decent jewelry that is worth $1,000 bucks. Let's say Godfather Pawn agrees that your stuff is worth $1,000 and is willing to loan you that much on your stuff. We take your jewelry and put in storage in the back of our Pawn Shop. You then take cash that day and do what you need to do. Let's say you get paid that week, and now you have the money. Since we charge 10% that would mean you pay us $1,100 and you get your Jewelry back. Have a great day.

What If I can't Pay My Pawn Loan?

No Problem. You can continue to pay the interest on your loan and we keep your stuff in the back. You can pay the interest for as long as you want. That way you never lose your jewelry. If you can't afford to pay the interest you have a certain period of time before the item becomes ours and we put it for sale in the front end of our pawn shop.

We hope this clears up the pawn loan process. You can get a free online appraisal using our online appraisal button or visit any of our 4 pawn shops in Central Florida. We looking forward to serving you.