Published: Jun 06 Posted Under: stolen merchandise orlando, stolen disney pawn shop, orlando stolen goods to pawn shop

If Your Stuff Was Stolen While Visiting Orlando - Report It To Police - Pawn Shop Linked With Them!

We get a lot of emails from victims of a crime looking for stuff that got stolen. Today a lady said she has stuff stolen at Disney and wanted to see if we had it and provided serial numbers. We are very sad for anyone getting taken advantage of and the people stealing should be prosecuted to full extent of law. If you are victim of crime please report to police and provide them with serial numbers of what was stolen. All pawn shops - well at least ours are directly linked to Police. If serial number matches up they come in and get the item. We also provide video to them and stuff. We fingerprint everyone who buys or sells things here. Everything is checked. People think pawn shops are full of stolen merchandise for some reason. That is actually not true at all. It is illegal to sell stolen items. No pawn shop would exist if they are selling stolen items. Now of course some items have come through pawn shops stolen. People don't always have serial numbers etc. But majority of our business is made through people bringing in valuables and needing to pawn it. Pawn it means they get cash, and we keep the item in back. They can come pick it up when they can pay back the pawn loan.