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 If you find yourself find yourself in the Sunshine State in need of cash, don’t let it get you down. There are a lot of pawn shops in the Orlando Florida area and you can create a side income by selling things you do not need or want to a local Orlando pawn broker. Here’s how it works, pawn shops make money by offering to advance you cash on an object that you place in pawn or they buy an item from you outright. Basically, if you have a piece of jewelry, an electronic device or some other item of value, they loan you money based on the resale value. Typically, in the Orlando Florida area, you can expect to get ten to twenty-five percent of what they think it is worth at resale-and that is okay because they make money by selling that item if you do not come back in to redeem it. After all, they have bills to pay too.


 You see, once you bring your article to one of the local pawnbrokers, they issue you a ticket and that ticket lists a certain amount of days that you have to redeem (buy back )the item. Usually the ticket is issued for 90 days in the Orlando area. If you come back in and either pay a fee to renew the ticket, or repay the loan (plus some interest) you get to take back your item. If you for some reason do not redeem it, they retain the right to sell that item and make back their money plus a small profit.  

Orlando pawn brokers however, will often buy items outright as well. This is the part that can turn your unwanted items into cash. All you need to do is go around and gather up the things you do not need or want (but make sure they are in good condition and electronic devices need to be working). Then head down to a local Orlando pawn shop and let them give you an estimate. If you like the price, you have made a few bucks and they can too. It is a win-win. Now, here is the part that can help you earn a side income. The Central Florida area has a lot of people that have garage sales. Simply get up early in the morning and start hitting the local sales. Then take what you find to an Orlando pawn shop and sell it for cash. Easy peasy, you now have a little extra cash. If you are not squeamish, you can even visit local dumps and salvage items that people throw away and then sell them for a profit. Either way you go, it is hard to go wrong with local Orlando pawn shops. Happy hunting!