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Pawn Shop Owners Facing Jail Time After Selling Goods - No Stolen Merchandise Is Sold at Pawn Shops

Here is a story about a pawn shop owner who did something illegal. He sold stolen merchandise. Click here to read the full story. This is the biggest misperception with pawn shops. People think they deal in stolen goods. This can't be anything further from the truth. The truth is that pawn shops, or anyone for that matter, cannot sell stolen merchandise. It is illegal and the people that do will eventually get caught. If you do have something stolen from you, all you have to do is report it to police. Do not worry about searching local pawn shops for it showing up. As long as you knew the serial number and stuff like that, if someone tries to bring it in to sell or pawn it they will get caught. We are directly linked up with all the police databases of stolen merchandise. Also, if you come into our stores you will notice nothing is taken in without proper ID and fingerprints. We hope this helps people who think Pawn Shops deal in stolen goods.