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Thieves try to break into Godfather Pawn during Hurricane Irma

Nothing hurts more than having to get a call during the Hurricane that the alarm is going off. Thieves tried to break into our Pawn Shop on Orange Blossom Trail. Luckily they didn't get far. It caused a little damage, but that can be fixed. We don't understand why someone would try to loot during this time. When your community should come together, stuff like this tears us apart. We are here for you if you need loans. Check out our 5 star reviews across the board. Bring in something of value and we will give you cash for it or a loan on it. You don't need to lose your stuff because you are broke or in need. We are here to help. We had a guy have his family jewelry in pawn for more than 2 years. He finally is back on his feet and got all his jewelry back. We only charged him 10% interest on the cash he borrowed on the jewelry. This is what a pawn shop is all about. If you need help in Orlando just come by one of our 4 locations. #OrlandoStrong